06 October, 2010

Lamp Fixing.

I was quietly reading away in my dorm room when a knock came upon my door.  Not expecting anyone, and having heard Hungarian spoken behind the door, I assumed it was dormitory maintenance or housekeeping and removed my plant from the forbidden windowsill, upon which nothing may be placed, for fear of it hurtling through the glass on its own accord to the injury of unsuspecting passers-by.

I answered the door, and two gentlemen stood there.  One said, "lamp fixing!"  I looked at him quizzically, as my lamp was fine and required no fixing.  The other seemed to want to offer clarification, and said, "lamp fixing!  Bathroom!"  Realizing I was going to get no further information from them, I stood back and invited them in.

I turned on the light to the bathroom, expecting them to see the fully functioning light fixture and determine they must have had the wrong room.  Instead, they looked up at the fully functioning light fixture and seemed to conclude it required fixing.  I didn't want to question, so I simply went back to my reading as they began 'fixing' the lamp on the ceiling.

They finished their job and left, each politely saying 'goodbye' to me.  I said "Köszönöm," to thank them for fixing my lamp, which neither was broken, nor operates any differently than prior to their handiwork.

1 comment:

  1. We could come to the conclusion that these men are in the Hungarian secret police and either wanted to get a look at the interior of your room, or they were planting an audio and or video device in the fixture! I've see enough spy movies ... now it is up to you to provide them with something to listen to!!! Keep me posted. Diane