26 April, 2010

The News and The Blog

As many of you know by now, Central European University has accepted my application to study there with a Partial Fellowship.  I will be studying International Relations and European Studies with a focus in Political Economy.  The program starts in September and I will likely leave the United States in August of this year.  Check back on The Plan page for the most up to date schedule of my departure and my summer plans.

CEU is located in Budapest, Hungary, and I will spend about one year there starting this fall to obtain my masters.  This news is obviously what has inspired me to create this blog and certainly with the theme it has.  I had considered other titles, like HungaryForMore and BillsStudyOfTheEffectOfTheApplicationOfReductionistScienceOnTheImplementationOfInternationalDevelopmentPolicy.  The second one was, of course, already taken. So I was down to HungaryForMore or Billa the Hun.

I decided to go with Billa the Hun as an obvious throwback to Attila the Hun, the 5th century leader of the Huns who raided all of Europe including the Roman empire and as far east as modern day Spain and became known as the Scourge of God.  I chose the theme because of the clever ability to use "Billa" and because of the cool old-school map of Attila's Empire pictured above.  That, and my continued disdain for the international policies of the late Roman Empire.

As I type this, I'm amused by the Google Ad to the left that shows "Actress Videos, Photos, and Clips" as sponsored links.  A friend informs me that when clicked, they take you to sites of ill-repute, so be warned.

24 April, 2010

Old German Posts

My previous foray into blogging notwithstanding, I intend to actually update this one.  My old blog was on LiveJournal, the Friendster of blogging websites.  LiveJournal probably still exists, but nobody has gone through the trouble of finding out.  It's that age old question:  If a website is on a server, but nobody has accessed it in 5 years, is it really still there?  I like to think not, but usually I am proved wrong when someone finally finds an old website or journal of mine and embarrasses me with it, reminding me that information online, even if ignored for a length I thought would suffice, does not in fact disappear.

For the convenience of not having to link to a website that philosophically may not exist, I have reposted the German entries from LiveJournal below.  You will easily note which posts are from Germany or Hungary by looking at the date.  As you might have guessed, I was in Germany in 2005.  You will also note that I followed the convention of titling the posts in German.  This will likely not continue in Hungarian.

I hope you enjoy the posts.  They are quite old and reminisce of being 20 and leaving the country for the first time.  Hopefully the adventures will continue.