24 April, 2010

Old German Posts

My previous foray into blogging notwithstanding, I intend to actually update this one.  My old blog was on LiveJournal, the Friendster of blogging websites.  LiveJournal probably still exists, but nobody has gone through the trouble of finding out.  It's that age old question:  If a website is on a server, but nobody has accessed it in 5 years, is it really still there?  I like to think not, but usually I am proved wrong when someone finally finds an old website or journal of mine and embarrasses me with it, reminding me that information online, even if ignored for a length I thought would suffice, does not in fact disappear.

For the convenience of not having to link to a website that philosophically may not exist, I have reposted the German entries from LiveJournal below.  You will easily note which posts are from Germany or Hungary by looking at the date.  As you might have guessed, I was in Germany in 2005.  You will also note that I followed the convention of titling the posts in German.  This will likely not continue in Hungarian.

I hope you enjoy the posts.  They are quite old and reminisce of being 20 and leaving the country for the first time.  Hopefully the adventures will continue.

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