03 February, 2005

Was suchst du in deimem Wörterbuch?

If you are caught looking up a word in your dictionary in my class, the teacher will ask "Was suchst du??" meaning, "What are you searching for?"  and when you tell her, she will make an attempt to convey the meaning of the word to you.  This is all good and well, but she doesn't speak any of our languages.  So the class quickly becomes an interesting game of charades.  It gets even worse when the other students who don't speak your language are the ones that understand the word, and they all start acting the word out. 

So for instance, let's say the word is Fußarzt.  The class quickly becomes a game of Catchphrase from Hell.  You have two options:  Wait till you understand the word (which is unlikely) or just say "Ach so!", look enlightened, and pretend to write the meaning of the word down in your notebook.  I usually choose the second, which sucks just as much, because the teacher will make you use the word in a sentence.  

02 February, 2005


The word in the subject, "Aschgeiger," is a relatively common German insult. 

It means "ass-violinist."

Yes.  That's right.


This is what you call someone if you don't like them.  An ass-violinist.  I hope this is one of those sayings that ends up crossing the Atlantic, because when I get back, I sure as don't want to stop calling people ass-violinist.


I've made a good number of friends in the weeks I've been here.  They are presented below in random order along with their nation of origin in brackets and a bit of info about the name's pronunciation. 

Molly:  [USA] Of all of the names below, this is by far the hardest for a German to pronounce.  She says "Molly" about twice, gives up and says "Mully," which they immediately understand. This is the Eighth Wonder of the World.