02 October, 2010

Here, in Budapest.

I must apologize for not having posted in ages, specifically for having created a blog to which I have precious little time to actually post.  However, I will do my best to write amusing little anecdotes from time to time.

Allow me to introduce Budapest and Central European University.  It is a beautiful city and a wonderful university.  The CEU building itself was built, most likely, by the very same architects as Hogwarts.  It is comprised of what used to be several buildings, all remodeled to create one interconnected maze.  Spiraling staircases abound, and, I am convinced, they do in fact move.  One particularly narrow one ends as it progresses into the ceiling.  Presumably, there is no purpose to continue a staircase into a ceiling, so one must conclude that this was not the original design, and the ceiling was added later.  One cannot deduce, however, why this is the case.

There are plenty of nooks in the interconnected buildings that comprise the campus that surprise you when you find them, and that you may very well never find again.  For example, we just came across a small passage off a hallway.  Immediately, the small passage turns right, and then immediately proceeds through a small archway.  On the other side of the archway is a chair.  That is all.  There is approximately 2 square meters of space inside the whole of the passage way and chair space combined.  Presumably, it is there so one may sit, if they are tired, inside of a hole.  If you do so, however, passers-by who happen to see you will surely mentally note that you are a creep, if they don't outright scream at the eerie sight of a man sitting upright, in the dark, in a not particularly comfortable chair, under an arch, at the end of a short, meaningless passage.

A sign close to the entrance indicates the hours of a cafe in the basement.  It fails, however, to indicate you must pass through catacombs of dungeonesque brick archways to arrive there.  Thankfully, if you are lost in the basement, you need only follow the sound of the loud, awful club music to find the cafe.

Peppered throughout the buildings, one can't help but notice small, stone recesses in the walls.  I would assume they used to be fireplaces that have since been plastered over, but it seems odd to have put them in hallways, in staircases, and other random places.  I would not be surprised to learn they used to be passages for elves.

That's all I have time to write for now.  If I find other strange rooms, I'll be sure to let you know, that is, unless I am eaten by a three-headed dog in the process of attempting to escape.


  1. Have you found the sleep grotto? It is at the bottom of a long staircase, and leads to a deep room completely filled with couches. College dorm style. I think it's beneath the prayer room. Or that may be where they put the hole in the wall...

  2. Yes. I have. It was labeled as "Study Room" last I walked by. I assume the room changes contents based on your needs.