03 November, 2011

A Year Undocumented

People keep asking me when I will update my blog.  I admit it has been a while.  In fact, my exciting foray into not posting ever turned 1 last week.  On October 29, 2010, I posted my last post, and fully meant to write another post every day since then. Heck, I even meant for this to be an actual anniversary post, posted on the date of the anniversary, but I didn't get to it on time, which I suppose is the root of the problem to begin with...

Now I find myself in a conundrum.  If I do another post, what should it be?  It seems I should say something of my week in Korea for my brother's wedding.  Certainly I should mention I'm in Chisenau on a Fulbright Grant, given that at some point in the past I changed the look and title of my blog to indicate that information.  And tons of people are probably wondering what it is that I actually do here.  Indeed, I could write on any of the following topics:

 - Graduating from an MA.
 - Traveling through the US.
 - Obtaining a Fulbright grant.
 - Moving to Chisenau.
 - Learning Russian.
 - Experiencing Moldovan medical care.
 - How much I loathe strongly flavored cheeses and their persistent manner of sneaking their way into sandwiches that might otherwise be delicious when I am hungry.
 - Other things like that.

Hopefully, I will write on one or two of those topics, but don't get greedy.  I would much rather you see the list of topics, pretend that you've read a post from me on each one, and attribute to me the humor, insight and/or other intellectual stimulation you experienced in that reading.  So here's to my commitment of actually updating this otherwise dormant space I occupy on the internet.  Hopefully soon, it will again abound with interesting and funny little articles.  If it isn't, you'll just have to use your imagination like I said, be amused, and pretend that I wrote it whatever it was that amused you.

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