28 April, 2005

Du bist ein HENGST!

Amy bought a book about horses in German.  We were going through translating it and found out that the word for "Stallion" is "Hengst.  We thought it would be fun to say, "Oh, you stallion, you!" or "You're a stallion!" in German, so I told Amy that would be "Du bist ein Hengst!"

25 April, 2005


You know how sometimes people get bored of saying the same thing over and over again, so they come up with new words to express what they mean?

Well, in German, "Scheisse" means "shit," and "Schade" means something like "Too bad."  And after a while, you get sick of saying the same things over and over again, so Antti decided he would combine them to come up with his own new word:  "Scheide." 

If you speak German, you're already laughing.  If you don't, keep reading.