28 April, 2005

Du bist ein HENGST!

Amy bought a book about horses in German.  We were going through translating it and found out that the word for "Stallion" is "Hengst.  We thought it would be fun to say, "Oh, you stallion, you!" or "You're a stallion!" in German, so I told Amy that would be "Du bist ein Hengst!"

Later that day, Amy asked some of my German friends if that's something one would actually say.  And they looked at her a little taken aback by this question coming from Quiet Amy B.  Turns out, it has a much stronger, more sexual, one could say, lusting connotation. 

It was described like this to Amy B: "You might as well lie down on your back and open your legs."  This rather blunt statement was followed by a German nearly mounting her, and commencing a repetitive sexual humping motion.

Fig. 1.1:    [Insert Mental Picture]

As shown in Fig. 1.1, this is not a good thing, and Amy B will surely never again utter the phrase, "Du bist ein Hengst," and it will probably be a good while before she musters up the courage to mention the word stallion.

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