11 March, 2012

Moldovan Borsch

Ana performs the finishing touches.
Note:  This is a long post.  If you want, you can just skip to the Moldovan Borsch Recipe at the bottom.

Just as there are many different spellings of borsht, borscht, borshscht, borsch, bors, and Борщ, there are many more variations on how to make it.  There are Romanian, Moldovan, Russian, Ukrainian, and a billion other styles to make it, with many of these missing the key aspect or ingredient that another style claims is quintessential, lacking which makes the soup something other than 'borsch'.  

10 March, 2012

Atlantic Community - NATO Opinion Piece

Atlantic Community is an organization working to build a stronger Trans-Atlantic community, especially among the young as future leaders.  The website has an Open Think Tank that publishes opinions for review and further commentary and periodically promotes essay competitions and publishes the results.  I submitted an opinion piece for the Your Ideas, Your NATO competition (still accepting submissions for some categories) which was selected for publishing and can be found at the link below.

Gerald Gugerty:  Smart Defense through Smarter Community 

In the piece I argue briefly how NATO should work with other international organizations to discover and help mitigate the future sources of security threats rather than just 'treating the symptoms' through missile defense.  The organization should consider why defense may be needed in the future - that is, in response to food security or environmental threats and other factors.  Feel free to join the discussion and post your comments at the link above.